Soft Sugar Cookies

I am not a huge sugar cookie fan. Never understood all the hype. However, decorating is so much fun. I remember as a child, we would go to my grandmother’s house to help frost cookies to take to work every year at Christmas.

I didn’t intentionally start out to make this recipe. I was making banana bread and had half the batter made when my plans derailed and I had to find a recipe that would salvage my batter. I saw this recipe on my board and decided to give it a go.


Difficulty: Easy

Taste: 10

The dough for these cookies was extremely easy to make. I let the wrapped dough sit in the fridge for a couple days before I got around to making the cookies. They were super simple to roll out and since I did not have a round cookie cutter, I used a drinking glass. The only thing I would do differently next time is make sure my dough was rolled just a little bit thinner and also more evenly. Some of the cookies were quite a bit thicker than the others. 

I took these to the office since I did not want several dozen cookies sitting around the house. They LOVED them and I received many compliments. I think I may make some for David to take to work as he is always complaining that I am always making food for my office but not his 🙂


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