Primal Philly Cheese Steak

Ok peeps. I have decided that while I will continue to test things found on pinterest, I will no longer attempt to photograph the end result. There are a few reasons behind this change. 1) I am not a food stager. 2) I am not a photographer. 3) I just plain don’t have time. After I arrive home from work, my main objective is to get supper on the table as quickly as possible. I hardly ever remember to take a photograph of the dish and when I do, the lighting in my kitchen is horrible and does not allow for pretty pictures. The original source will always have a more beautiful picture than mine.

Anywho, normally people don’t like food from instiutions. I used to work as a CNA/CMA at nursing homes. At the last place I was employed, they occasionally served philly steak sandwiches. I loved the seasoning that they used and the meat was always tender and not chewy. I am constantly on the hunt for a recipe that is just as good.


Original source:

Taste: 3

Difficulty: 9


One of my biggest struggles when making philly’s is finding a good cut of meat to use. This one recommended skirt steak, thinly sliced. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get my steak cut as thin as I would have liked which made for chewy meat. I should have gone with my gut and bought the thin sliced steak (pkg says great for sandwiches) and my husband agreed.

I was also not a big fan of the seasoning. I felt it needed a little something more. I am far from a seasoning genius but I thought it was very bland.

The one good thing this recipe had going was the fact that it was pretty easy to throw together.


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